As a brief introduction, this blog is about my left-brain thinking and after all everybody knows the left brain is better. Okay, maybe not! Perhaps using both sides of your brain for thinking is much better. But, for me my tendency is towards the logical, rational and analytical (the left side of your brain). Not the creative and subjective right brain thinking that leans on intuition and emotion.

Attorneys Left Brain ThinkingSo, this blog will try to stay focused on the facts and give life advice along with my doses of legal recommendations accordingly. Although in writing the articles I will at times have to employ and employ others that will use their right side of their brains and their consequential thinking to make for good reading, I remain hopeful that the content will remain factual and rational. The law and law issues must after all be applied logically and not emotionally to be fair.

Either way, please check back often as we hope to create a great venue for left-brain thinkers to solve the right-brain strife.

I will add in closing: Left-brain thought tends to adapt more easily to the environment and situation demanding upon it (them). We do like to follow the rules and I guess that why that much of our topics are related to the law and legal issues. It is a downer that at times many of us feel that these laws and rules must be broken or at least bent and thank goodness for us on the left brain side to come to your rescue!


Thank you for visiting, My Left Brain, an Anonymous Attorney

want to read more about the lateralization of the brain? : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lateralization_of_brain_function