Careful Considerations Before Buying Your Boat or Yacht

Buying a boat can be a very costly endeavor if you are not prepared for the expenses before you get invested. The price of the boat is a one time charge, but then you have many other expenses that can quickly add up if you are not warned in advance Rather than getting shocked with the costs that will start piling up, here are just some of the additional expenses you should expect to lay out once you get your boat. Take the advice from our friends at and make sure you consider these 7 things before checking on the boat for sale listings.

boat for sale1. Boating Fees – Just like owning and operating a car, there are fees involved with boating. There will be the cost of your boating licenses, then you have to consider permits if you plan on fishing in certain regions.

2. Boat Insurance – This expense is an absolute must, especially if you are paying off the boat in monthly installments. It only takes one rogue wave or scraping the bottom of the bottom on debris to capsize your boat and your entire investment.

3. Marina Costs – If you plan on keeping the boat docked each day at the marina, call ahead and find out availability and fees. Depending on the marina, these dock fees can vary significantly from one location to another.

4. Boat Trailer – If you are not going to keep the boat at the marina, then you have to trailer it back and forth each time you want to get out on the water. The cost for a trailer needs to be incorporated into the price of your boat.

5. Equipment – To get the most of your time on the water, you need plenty of equipment. Things that are essential are fishing gear, weather radio, satellite phone, depth finder, and accessories like a barbecue and supplies to feed the crew during the trip.

6. Safety Course – It would be wise to invest in a boating safety class to learn all about the things that can go wrong and how you can handle them out on the water. Safety equipment like life jackets is an absolute must, each passenger must have one and be wearing it at all times on the water.

7. Maintenance & Storage – To maintain a boat, it is similar to that of your vehicle. Oil needs to be changed, engine tuned up, and then you have to pay to have the boat properly stored for the winter so nothing freezes over during those harsh months out of the water.

These seven considerations before you buy your boat will allow you to set aside enough to ride out the costs that surely will be coming your way.  For more info visit: